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  1. Anonymous

    Comment…Its such amazing song which turn the sorrowful soul to joy. The first time I heard the song, that was the time I fell in love with. Big up Dunsin . wish you all the best. Good Luck.

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmmm. Where can I start from. As a matter of fact.

    This GREAT MAN is my number 1

    I LOVE HIM. HE inspire me so much

  3. Trust

    The is lifting up my spirit whenever I here it or think of the lyrics. The song has revealed another dimension of God in my life. I wished to be mentored in my music career by Min. dunsin oyekan

    1. Trust

      If God could give an opportunity to be mentored by Min. Dunsin Oyekan then my dreams will be surely fulfilled because his songs are spiritual touching and Spiritually multi-dimensional. God blessed you aboundantly beyond measures.


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