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Solomon Lange Songs

Below are a list of songs by Nigerian Abuja-based award-winning gospel minister, prolific songwriter and vocalist, Solomon Lange.

Solomon is a famous Nigerian gospel singer, motivational speaker, and passionate and anointed minister of the gospel. Born and raised in Kaduna State, Nigeria, he started singing at age 9 in his local village Baptist Church choir but came into music professionally in 1997 when he joined a group called Kale Visions in Kaduna.

Find below a list of the latest songs sang by Solomon Lange,

The song “Victory” is an exciting up-tempo record that proclaims victory through its ecstatic fusion of melodious tunes. This is definitely one to get you on your toes and fill you with the type of Joy only Christ can give.

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“Yabo”, rendered in Hausa and English, is a song of praise eulogizing the Most High. It’s a powerful message and worship anthem that is timeless.

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The song “Grace” by Solomon Lange is a powerful song off his 2016 Album “My Offering”. This is a soul-lifting song that will definitely bless you.

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The song “My Offering” is an up-tempo song of praise. The lyrics adopt quite a number of expressions in describing Lange’s intent of praise. The Chorus says; “This melody is coming from my heart/ The things you do dey make me wanna shout/ I bring this song my offering to you/ please take this praise and let it please you.”

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Speaking about the song, Solomon Lange pens down; “The song ‘Mai Taimako (My helper)’ is a song of Worship and a song declaring one’s true in the help of God. Hausa is a language spoken in northern Nigeria and other countries in West Africa.”

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