Nathaniel Bassey ‘There Is A Place’ Mp3 Download

Nathaniel Bassey - There Is A Place

Veteran gospel artiste, pastor and songwriter, Nathaniel Bassey offers up a brand new song accompanied by an amazing music video titled “There Is A Place,” the compelling follow up to “Hungry For You” visual.

Bassey’s newest song “There Is A Place” is a rhythmic sounds of hope, message and a spiritual tone that is very easy to sing along. The song establishes the importance of the psalmist worship with melody.

Speaking about the song, Nathaniel shares via his Instagram page few days ago; “It’ll trigger a holy hunger for the secret place! God helped us on this. And I trust it would bless you!”

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  1. I tried to download Nathaniel Basseys I know a place video but I needed up downloading the audio

  2. Nathaniel bassy is a gift in a Christian body

  3. I love this song so much,you are a big blessing to the world of Christ.

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