Travis Greene Releases “Easter(O+W)” Unplugged Session

Travis Greene - Easter (O+W) Unplugged Session

GRAMMY-nominated and Billboard Music Award winner, Travis Greene serves up the O+W Unplugged Session for his previously released and well-accepted song “Easter”. Available now for streaming on YouTube!

The award-winning hitmakers deliver an uplifting powerful performance with a mix of globally inspired melodies and fresh vocals on this project. The song is a perfect illustration of God’s love through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

From the song lyrics “So many charges/ I was in debt Over my Head/ Couldn’t afford it/ So Someone paid for it Instead/ It took a while to Recognize/ That what I owe did not exist, no more/ What I could not Pay/ He handled for me/ He took the Bill/ & the Receipt is Signed in Blood.”

Press play below to stream via YouTube!

 Easter (O+W) Unplugged Session Lyrics by Travis Greene 

(Verse 1)
So many charges
I was in debt Over my Head
Couldn’t afford it
So Someone paid for it Instead
It took a while to Recognize
That what I owe did not exist, no more
What I could not Pay
He handled for me
He took the Bill
& the Receipt is Signed in Blood

He Paid it All
All to Jesus I owe
Sin left a Stain
He Washed it as snow

When I could not pay
He covered for it
To the One who paid it All

On the cross
Debt was Paid

In the Tomb
His body Laid

Darkness ruled
‘Til Light appeared
He rolled the Stone
He silenced Fear

Oh death look at
Who’s laughing Now
Oh Grave, the Savior’s
Walking Out

With Wisdom, Power
Truth & Grace
All Hail the King
Of Heaven Reigns

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