Maryanne J. George ‘Not Just Stories’ Mp3 Download

Maryanne J. George - Not Just Stories (Ft. Aaron Moses)

Maryanne J. George of Maverick City Music offers up a brand new song titled “Maryanne J. George” featuring Aaron Moses. The song is available now for streaming and downloading via all major digital outlets worldwide.

Written by Maryanne J. George, Mitch Wong, Aaron Moses, Jesse Cline & Dante Bowe. Not Just Stories is the title track off of Maryanne “MJ” George’s debut EP releasing October 8th, 2021. It features a collection of deep-felt worship, uplifting praise songs and extended/spontaneous versions.

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Not Just Stories Lyrics by Maryanne J. George (Ft. Aaron Moses)

Verse 1
I’ve heard about the water You turned into wine
How You interrupted funerals to bring the dead to life
And the time you helped a blind man see a better day
I’ve heard how You fed thousands with only fish and bread
How You weren’t ashamed to talk to the woman at the well
All the demons You sent running and the sins that You forgave

Pre Chorus
Your Word is crystal clear, no doubt about it
And even when my doubting tries to cloud it

You are just as good
You are just as kind
You are just as glorious
Just as divine
As You’ve always been
You’re not changing
If the skies turn grey
And the lights grow dim
It doesn’t mean Your faithfulness
Is wearing thin
It’s not wavering You’re not changing
Anytime soon

Verse 2
I heard about the garden and the tears of blood You cried
How you healed the high priest’s servant on Your way to die
And how you even pled for mercy for those who made Your cross
I’ve heard that it is finished, I’ve heard that it is done
I’ve heard that after three days breath rushed back into Your lungs
And I know they’re not just stories, this is the truth I’m standing on

For all You’ve done
For all You’ll do
Lord we thank you
We just thank you
And all the praise to Your name
Lord we love You
We just love You

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