“Protecting the Bag” – Lecrae shares 1st Episode of “Protect The Bag” Web Series

Lecrae shares the 1st Episode of “Protect The Bag” Web Series

Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Lecrae shares the first episode of his new six-part original web series, “Protect The Bag” on his YouTube channel to provide fans and viewers with a blueprint for building a financial legacy. The first episode titled “Protecting the Bag,” is available now for streaming on YouTube.

The weekly “edutainment” episodes are produced in partnership with Experian, a leading information services company, and Lecrae’s production company, 3 Strand Films. “I am on a mission to spread the word on financial education because when I was growing up, I wasn’t educated about money or budgeting and had to learn a lot about it the hard way,” shares Lecrae. “I want to make sure others who grew up like me have the knowledge to build their own financial legacy. People need financial literacy broken down in ways they can understand and I’m excited to partner with Experian to present this content, produced by my production team, 3 Strand Films.”

“The Protect The Bag web series allows me to walk in multiple spaces simultaneously,” Lecrae said. “I get to host a show that continues the work of Restoration by educating people about financial literacy, but there is also an element of creativity and entertainment that pulls out the best in me. ”

“We are excited to partner with Lecrae on this innovative way to educate young adults on the importance of starting their financial health journey early,” said Abigail Lovell, Experian’s senior vice president of corporate social responsibility. “This unique partnership is like an authentic and hip master class, offered by an artist young adults admire, supporting consumers who may feel as if they don’t have access to financial tools.”

This partnership is part of Experian’s United for Financial Health program, a global financial recovery initiative that helps educate and empower vulnerable consumers and minority business owners around financial health. As part of this program, Lecrae has also supported the Home Preservation Grant, an Experian partnership with the NAACP to provide mortgage relief to homeowners negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Press play below to stream the first episode.


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  1. Is Lecrae a Christian? How, in any way does his content glorify God?

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