WHATUPRG ‘Kidz’ Mp3 Download

WHATUPRG 'Kidz' Mp3 Download

Millennials and Gen Zs are terms used to describe the people of a certain time. The new generation, coming of age today, isn’t waiting for a tagline. They are emerging into a digital age, during a pandemic, and with World War III looming, redefining themselves.

Today’s generation has grown up with Uber/Lift, Airbnb, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat and more. Music, movies, and entertainment are available to them anytime and anywhere. They have always had food delivery, digital map directions, videos and music, and a cloud full of information always at their fingertips. They were raised talking into devices, accessing apps, posting pictures, videos, and music. Everything at this time is new! Even Hollywood is changing and the new Hollywood is about diversification!

Through his lyrics, listeners will find a creative powerhouse who is putting himself in the context of a new generation questioning the role Christianity must play in finding personal and world peace.

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