“Keep Speaking Victory” Sermon by Joel Osteen

Keep Speaking Victory - Joel Osteen

You can’t speak defeat and expect to see victory. When you use your words to speak faith, you’ll usher in God’s blessings, favour and abundance.

Pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself, about your family, your finances, your health – you’re going to become what you’re continually saying. That’s why it’s so important to get in a habit of speaking victory over your life. All through the day “I am blessed. I am strong. I am healthy. I’m surrounded by favour. Something good is going to happen to me”. The fruit of those words is blessings, favour, and abundance.

It’s not enough to just think it – we give life to our faith by speaking it out. When you’re in tough times you can complain, talk about the problem, “I can’t believe this happened”, or you can say “Father, thank you that you’re fighting my battles. Thank you that what was meant for the harm you’re turning to my advantage. Thank you that you always cause me to triumph, that I’m coming out of this better than I was before” – that’s prophesying victory, that’s prophesying a breakthrough.

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