Keyondra Lockett ‘Liar’ Mp3 Download

Keyondra Lockett 'Liar' Mp3 Download

Billboard award-winning gospel artist and songwriter, Keyondra Lockett inspires believers with this power-packed ballad titled ‘Liar’. Available now for streaming and downloading. Keyondra Lockett delivers an infectious smooth groove with powerful lyrics and is a ‘must-have’ in your playlist.

Keyondra is a soulful inspirational artist with a fervour for Kingdom building. She is one of the original members of the gospel group Zie’l and shares the accomplishment of two-time Stellar Award Nominee.

Speaking about the song “Liar”, Keyondra pens down, “The devil is tricky and schematic. You’ve got to have the Holy Ghost to carry you in all situations.” “When Peter tried to stop Christ from going to the cross, he told Peter, “Satan get thee behind me,” (Matthew 16:23), she adds. “He knew that was the devil talking through Peter and that’s exactly what we’ve got to do when we’re tested by the devil.”

The multiple chart-topping and gifted singer with a warm vocal style all her own brings a fresh and relevant sound to the soul of gospel music. A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Keyondra is one of the great voices of our time.

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