Dunsin Oyekan ‘Finger of God’ Mp3 Download

Dunsin Oyekan 'Arise' Mp3 Download

Nigerian Abuja-based gospel music minister and worship trailblazer, Dunsin Oyekan has released a brand new song accompanied by an amazing live video titled “Finger of God”. Available now for streaming and downloading.

Speaking about the song, Dunsin Oyekan pens down; “There are things that happen in our lives that are clearly not our doing. I believe that this resonates with a number of people, it’s basically the story of your life!”

“When people who don’t believe in our God and people who don’t believe that God exists come to the irrefutable conclusion that this is beyond the ordinary, then it can only be by Finger of God,” said Dunsin Oyekan. “This is my story! And if this is also your story then this Anthem is for you!”

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