Brian Courtney Wilson ‘Transitions’ Album

Brian Courtney Wilson 'Transitions' Album

Brian Courtney Wilson has released a brand new album titled “Transitions”. Available now for streaming and downloading.  The new 11-track record is Wilson’s most distinct musical statement to date and comes on the heels of his critically acclaimed 2021 album, STILL, which generated two Billboard Number One singles.

Recorded live in Nashville, The album Transitions is a beautifully gritty offering rooted in the Black music tradition. Wilson’s earnest and intentional presentation generates dialogue with listeners about faith, family, and community. Teaming up with celebrated producer and music director Dana Soréy, the pair created an audacious musical conversation backed by world-class musicians and singers.

Wilson reached back to the vault to artfully revisit some of his hits (“A Great Work,” “Waiting,” “Our Father Is Kind,” and “Sure As”) interspersed with new songs. Additionally, Brian offers a new recording of “Monday’s Pain,” an unforgettable, meaningful song from his debut project, 2009’s “Just Love”.

The 3x Grammy-nominated soul-crooner combines insightfully thought-provoking lyricism with a soaring tenor on “Transitions” to demonstrate why Wilson is considered one of the genre’s greatest vocalists.

See the tracklist and listen via Apple Music below!

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