Bishop S.Y. Younger ‘The Storm Is Passing Over’ Mp3 Download

Bishop S.Y. Younger 'The Storm Is Passing Over' Mp3 Download

Bishop S.Y. Younger has released a brand new song titled “The Storm Is Passing Over,” featuring The Sounds of the Ramp, Korey Mickie.  Available now for streaming and downloading.

Bishop S.Y. Younger is a captivating preacher, teacher, evangelist, author, and lecturer. He hails from the central part of Virginia in the United States. He attended Liberty University in the Fall of 2003 majoring in English and pursuing a minor in History. His aspirations in secular education were to pursue a career in teaching. His academic pursuit was interrupted by a divine call to plant a church. In 2005 he started his first church, The Ramp Church International now located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

As Bishop Younger’s ministry grew, he began to plant other churches around the United States and in other countries. In 2011 he was consecrated to the episcopacy and made a Bishop in the Lord’s Church by a college of regional bishops. In addition to those church plants, other pastors and ministries began to seek his oversight. In response to this overwhelming need, Bishop Younger started a fellowship of churches called One Way Churches International.

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