Leanna Crawford ‘Make It Through’ Mp3 Download

Leanna Crawford 'Make It Through' Mp3 Download

Muti-talented singer-songwriter, Leanna Crawford has released a new song titled “Make It Through,” available now for streaming and downloading. The song “Make It Through” is out today from artist and songwriter Leanna Crawford. In fact, “Make It Through” was a song never meant to be released, according to Crawford.

Writing the tune more than a year ago, she tucked it away, never expecting its demo to see the light of day. It was when she posted a brief clip of the song to her TikTok and Instagram to share its positive message an overwhelming amount of responses started pouring in from fans, asking Crawford to release the song and sharing how much they needed to hear it. Crawford quickly finished the song to now make it available to listeners everywhere. She also engaged her fans to help her choose the single’s cover image, which is pictured above.

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