Natalie Layne – Amen (Mp3 Download)

Natalie Layne - Amen (Mp3 Download)

Soul-inspired pop singer/songwriter, pianist, worship leader, and producer, Natalie Layne releases her first radio single, “Amen.” Available now for streaming and downloading.

“It’s such a small thing that can inspire a song sometimes,” says Layne. “There’s a lot of hard things happening in the world, and I just felt so heavy one particular week. I was driving out of my neighborhood, and one of my neighbors was out on their morning walk. They waved and smiled as I drove by, and it restored my faith in humanity for a second.”

Writing that seemingly insignificant gesture into the bridge of what became “Amen,” said Layne. “I started thinking, ‘What if there was a song where we could say ‘amen’ to all the good things happening in the world and not discount the hard things?’ We need to acknowledge the broken things, but there’s actually a higher reality at work in the world. There’s still joy even when hard things are happening. Grief and gratitude can exist at the same time.”

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