Have you ever seen a snake – a very poisonous one?

Have you ever seen a very poisonous scorpion as well?

Oh, do you have a glimpse of what it feels like to be oppressed by someone inferior to you?

Don’t get tired of my questions, just pause for a second and give a very sincere answer to each of them.

Now, do you still remember when YOU were given the power to TRAMPLE upon snakes and scorpions; and every power of the devil (the oppressor) as stated in the bible?

Do you remember that it was explicitly stated that, “…none shall by any means hurt you…”?

Voilà! A couple of people have made it very evident that they still clearly remember all these truths.

The BMC (Bisi Manuel Crew) lead by Bisi Manuel – an uncommon talent in the gospel music community – has just released her latest hit: ATEPA [meaning ‘trample’], in which Jesus Boi, the sought-after gospel rapper, is featured.

The first time I ever listened to it, it moved directly to my personal top 10 list. BMC and Jesus Boi continuously re-emphasized my dominion over vices of the devil and showed me my outright dominion here on earth, so I had no choice but to fall I love with the song. I’m sure you will.

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