[DOWNLOAD MUSIC] Danny the Psalmist – You Are Exalted

This spirit filled song “You Are Exalted”, comes from a heart filled with gratitude and Thanksgiving. It expresses the singers gratitude for all God has done despite all ups and downs.

This rock song has been careful crafted to spur the listener Into an atmosphere of worship.

Daniel Ndukwe also known as Danny the Psalmist is a progressive Nigerian singer/saxophonist, a dynamic songwriter and worshiper who hails from the eastern part of the nation. Overtime, his music has grown having undergone vigorous training and performing in the church. Now he takes a step further as he records his own songs written and composed himself.

He hopes to reach out and share the Gospel of Christ to the world through his music. This debut single You Are Exalted carefully composed and arranged is a rock song that will spur his listeners into an atmosphere of worship. He hopes to keep his growing fan base occupied with more soul nourishing songs as there’s more where this came from.


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