Ema Releases “You No Dey Use Me Play”

Nigerian rising gospel singer and prolific songwriter, Ema dished out a brand new song titled “You No Dey Use Me Play” – what a lovely title for music that speaks! Available now for streaming and downloading.

Ema’s latest effort “You No Dey Use Me Play” is a heavenly sound that will connect you directly to the throne of God. The song was released alongside an amazing music video. 

Press play below to stream via YouTube!

Or hit the download button below!


  1. God really does use us to play. Thank You Lord for this great grace and mercy, love.

  2. I really love this songs ….
    This was superb.

  3. You no dey use me play true true true

  4. this song is a message to my soul

  5. This song has been on replay. It gives me internal Joy.

  6. Truly this God no dey use me play even when others are using their gods to play and even fight for them but all He still fight for me what an awesome wonder working God He is

  7. Adeyemi Olabisi

    this song has just capture my heart..my God no dey use me play true true.

  8. God no dey use me play…true

  9. chetachukwu Augustine

    I love song Jesus u no dey use me play

  10. How were you able to compose such a good song like this? You are truly a gospel musician.

  11. God bless you. Please continue to sing more of such songs. The world needs them.

  12. The lyrics of this song touches my soul. God bless u Ema

  13. Onyedimma Ebuka

    No be lie you no dey use me play

  14. I carried this morning when I first hear the song

  15. Loved this song the very moment I heard it, more blessings bro.

  16. micheal unuayefe

    loved this song so much cause its gives me joy its a double blessing to my life

  17. Truly he is a covenant keeping God

  18. Ever since I heard this song, it has always been on my lips,, it is a song of spiritual upliftment and strengthening. God bless you more.

  19. Love this song

  20. Surv. Ishaya, Elkana Tal

    The first time i pay attention to this song/lyris was on a car when i was coming back from kwara State after Young Surveyors of Nigeria Harvest of Ideas 4 (HOI 4) when a lady setting close to me was playing it from her mobile phone. i cried deep within me as if the song was meant for me. Uncle Ema, you are a true Gospel Minister. may this fire you carry, never quench. Remain rapturable!

  21. This song is one in a billion..
    Truly God no dey use us play

  22. This song is extraordinary becuse there is a breath of God in it

  23. God no dey use me play, he is God yesterday, today nd forever… Grateful heart

  24. Joseph Blessing

    I love this song with passion #spirit filled#

  25. Am in love wit this song

  26. Am so grateful cos you care your children

  27. Comment.. the day of his baptism a voice came from heaven saying this is my beloved son let the world hear him the same way God have announced Ema let the world hear him

  28. So inspiring!
    Thank you Jesus

  29. That’s very true you deserve kudos

  30. i lôvè thîs sông mèhn
    it realy înspîrîtional

  31. Holyspirit inspired

  32. I love this song it’s so inspiring…

  33. . seriously I can’t pause or change this song when listening to it,am even listening to it right now

  34. God should bless me let me sing like u….

  35. The way I love this song,….
    My mouth no fit talk am….

  36. Very nice worship to begin the day,may the fire never quench,may it keep burning

  37. Ema u ar truely an ordained gospel singer.GOD bless u in dis song.

  38. God no dey use me play o

  39. I view the video on Whatsapp status
    Just have to search for it

  40. Comment… Infact, I Love it, I Feel it, am greatful to hear this song but it brakes my heart whenever I play it. I search around the world; truely,Only God no dey use play. …what a wonderful saviour…

  41. Thank you very much my brother joseph for sharing this song..

  42. lovely song

  43. Comment…this song is very beautiful and powerful
    ,more grace sir ?

  44. May GOD continue to inspire you the more so you keep on singing for us ……. Thank you and God bless you.

  45. Happiness Ekpenyong

    Beautiful piece

  46. God bless u EMA…this is Also my mum’s favourite song and the way u eulogized God in this song lifts our souls… God bless ur ministry too.

  47. This song is inspirational and very uplifting thank you Jesus Christ

  48. Infact,i really,really love the song.

  49. May God bless you more

  50. Comment:I really love d song
    it inspires me

  51. It’s a song of my soul,mind and body. I pray let God continue to bestow more grace upon them that enthroned him in spirit and in truth

  52. Muslim fight for there God (sharia court evil sentences) Mohammad Go and fight for ur selve

  53. OMG, this song is really cool, i love it die.

  54. god no dey use me play,god is always showing me love

  55. The song really lifted m spirit and I was filled with joy

  56. Destiny helper,mountain mover !
    Covenant keeping God.

  57. Oh my God this song makes me forget about all my problems. Indeed God no dey use me (us) play.

  58. Each Time Am Singing This Song, I Feel So Cold Inside Of Me. It Reminds Me That God Still Cares For Me, More Grace To Do More Of These.

  59. Sunday Kenneth.

    The song that light up my life. Glory to God.

  60. Appiah Rockson

    This is a blessing song, Lord help me to also be like him

  61. This song inspired me so much,,, God bless

  62. I’m happy that I’m still alive to witness and hear this type of song. What of the dead ones who didn’t get this opportunity to hear this life changing song ? They really missed alot. If I die tomorrow, I’m fulfilled and blessed already to have heard this song before my departure

  63. What a spirit lifting song. I love it

  64. Mba Joshua Chimezie

    Comment:this song gives me joy and high my spirit whenever I here it

  65. Man made gods will use you, destroy you and eventually kill you, but the King of Glory takes us and changes us from nothing to something. YAWEH is worthy of our praise. More anointing Uncle Emma.

  66. Comment:he’s the mighty man of battle,he fought for me when some fight for their GOD

  67. As I listing to this song, it gave me hope and make me think less

  68. Everybody is valued by God
    No matter your status

  69. I love this song. I feel the power of our creator. I thank God for I am alive today to hear this kind of song. I love u my God.

  70. This very special song really gives me inspiration n encouragement in this my life, I’m so grateful my LORD.

  71. So inspiring,
    Truly The covenant keeping God

  72. Beautiful song

  73. The song gives me hope for tomorrow

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