[DOWNLOAD MUSIC & LYRICS] M.J Joseph – Your Ways Are Unsearchable

Your Ways Are Unsearchable by M. J Joseph.

M. J Joseph - Your Ways Are Unsearchable

M.J Joseph releases “Your Ways Are Unsearchable” single and lyrics.

M.J Joseph is a Software and a Web developer by profession. A book writer, song writer, motivational and inspirational speaker, a gospel music artiste; praise and worship Leader with an energetic global vision to raise effective, sound worship leaders; a people filled with in-depth knowledge and burning passion for God; knowing and worshipping the Father from the integrity of their heart and as well leading God’s people into the awareness of His Presence.

He is the Leader and visioner of the Passionate Worship Leader’s Team (PWLT). [An inter- denominational global worship team]

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Your ways are unsearchable Lyrics By M. J Joseph

I look around, I could find no one like you.
Your ways are unsearchable
You are deeper than the darkness
You are endless and ageless
Who can comprehend your existence
Powerful God
How awesome you are… (2x


Higher than the highest
Deeper than the deepest
Glorious God
How wonderful you are (2x
How powerful you are


How Glorious you are….
Your ways are unsearchable (2x

How deeper you are…
Your ways are unsearchable (2x

How powerful you are…
Your ways are unsearchable



  1. Uduakobong Effiong

    M J Joseph, is a good one there
    from you, having listened to this song I’m convinced that with time you will excel like Frank Edward and beyond. keep on the good works.

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