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Call that Name by Nellid.

Nellid - Call that Name

Coming from the stables of one of Christ Embassy’s Loveworld Music Ministry, Bonny Island’s finest Lead worship leader and Recording Artist, Nellid , is the brand new single, CALL THAT NAME.

Produced by award winning producer @drroysignaturelive, “Call THAT NAME” is a powerful song of Worship, proclaiming the power in the mighty name of Jesus.

Nellid has released a couple of singles including “ONYE EZE” which made it to the top of the charts based on several downloads and streaming on the blogs.

Nellid says the inspiration behind the song is divine;

“It’s a received song. I never sat down to write and compose Call That Name. It came to my spirit one evening as I was working at home and I sang it for a while before I realized it was a new song. Then as usual, I taught my kids & did a voice recording on my phone. I have been privileged to sing the song at various life performances in different churches, meetings and at “Night of Bliss, Bonny” where the impact was glorious. I’m excited for what the Lord will do with this song. He will start it with you!”

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About Nellid;

Nellid is a prolific songwriter, Recording Artist, Author, Lead vocalist and Worship leader at Christ Embassy.
Nellid has shared the stage with ministers like Da-Music, Jesus Boy, and counting up.

A Legal consultant and writer, Nellid is lead counsel with Graced Attorneys Precision Chambers, and an experienced legal practitioner of over ten active years in the practice, and the
founder of Pricelessmusicng.

She studied Law at the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus (UNEC) and the Nigerian law school, Lagos.

She is currently authoring a book on her personal experiences and work encounters from her NGO, DFYV, on Sexual Abuse and also collaborating to kick start a Mentorship Academy.

Nellid is married to an economist/security consultant and together, they have three adorable kids; Wealth, Bryan and Zoe Karis

Her music carries a strong message of faith and confidence in God, and she shares a penchant to bring the presence and love of Jesus to all who hears her songs and every home.

Backup vocals- Kristen Alex and Princess Sandra.


When I call that name miracles happen.
Everybody call that name.

(Powerful name, powerful name)
(Oh oh oh! That name. Call that name)
(When I call that name)
When I call that name miracles happen.

The greatest name I know
The most compassionate one.
Loving and tender,
Glorious God.
The greatest name I know.
The most compassionate one.
He’s Loving and tender

(Call that name)
(That name is so powerful)
(Glorious name)
(When I call that name, when I call that name!)
When I call that name (miracles happen)
miracles happen.


Call that name, Jesus!
Wonderful name, Jesus!
Call that name, Jesus!
Glorious name, Jesus!

Call that name, Jesus!
Powerful name, Jesus!
At the mention of that name, Jesus!
Miracles happen, Jesus!
At the mention of that name, Jesus!
Blessings everywhere! Jesus!
When you call that name, Jesus!
Demons tremble, Jesus!
As we call the name of Jesus!
Sicknesses disappear, Jesus!
In every circumstance, call that name, call that name, The name of Jesus!

Jesus! There is deliverance in the name of Jesus
(Everything you need is in the name of Jesus)
(At the mention of that name every knee must bow)
When I call that name miracles happen
(speak in tongues)
(call the name of Jesus)
(Powerful name, powerful name )
(Over every situation call that name, call that name)
(There is healing)
When I call that name miracles happen.

(Everything you need is in the precious name of Jesus)
(Every knee must bow, every tongue confess)
(Jesus is the only name given amongst men)
(Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus!!!)
When I call that name miracles happen.

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