JT Bakare – While I’m Waiting – FREE Download!

JT Bakare – While I’m Waiting – FREE Download!

JT Bakare - While I'm Waiting

Pastor JT Bakare offers deep worship in his new song, titled: “While I’m Waiting”.

The song ‘While I’m waiting’ is the debut single from Pst. JT Bakare, Lead Pastor, JAWOM Gathering of Kings Metro Church, Abuja and produced by the sensational Re_vay.  It’s a song of strength inspired by a trying time and will bring encouragement and the comfort of the spirit to people waiting on God for a miracle.

In His Words;

“Everyone of us is waiting on God for something. But God is waiting on us more than we are, on him. This is because, True Waiters have no option that to wait on God, so its not spectacular to wait since its the only option. It’s the attitude while waiting that Helps us maximize the power and purpose of the Process. The Right Attitude is the part God is waiting on us to do.”

Let this song lead you on a journey on what to do in Life’s Hallway – between the last miracle and the coming one. Please Expect instant Miracles after listening repeatedly, getting this sound into your spirit and practicing what it says.

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