DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba

Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba.

Tosin Koyi - Jesu Oba

Someone said, ‘Gospel Music is not a genre but a message’, because within gospel music itself are many genres i.e spiritual, inspirational, choral, hymnal, hiphop, rock, afrobeat etc. How practitioners [often referred to as gospel artistes] interpret their message on a particular beat or sound is what differentiates them.

The emergence of TOSIN KOYI on the gospel music scene is indeed a breath of fresh air. His upbringing in a musically inclined family shows in his ability to fuse lyrics together in a technically astounding format, either to a vibrant Rock infused sound as in his first major single, EVERLASTING ARMS released online on major platforms a few months back [do check it out, you will like it] or to Afrobeat as shown in his latest effort , JESU OBA [King Jesus].

Listening to JESU OBA is reminiscent of Afrobeat music in its purest form; From the vocal style to the beat, you will be taken on a musical style made manifest by Africa’s most celebrated music icon, Fela Anikulapo – Kuti. TOSIN KOYI managed to dispense lyrics glorifying the Kingship of Jesus to a sound that has come to stay. A simplified interpretation of this hit sung in Yoruba and English language simply says, King Jesus has come and and all our problems, troubles and sins have come to an end.

As we approach the Christmas season of celebrating the birthday of King Jesus, the good news TOSIN KOYI is offering everyone is JESU OBA which is now officially released on major online platforms to download for your listening pleasure. If you are in a benevolent spirit to support Tosin’s career, JESU OBA, EVERLASTING ARMS and other songs by TOSIN KOYI are on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal etc for a fee to download. SHALOM.

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