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No Man Knows by Peak Nick.

Peak Nick - No Man Knows

Peak Nick delivers a brand new song, titled: “No Man Knows”.

“Peak Nick” is a prolific musician (composer/writer), and author.  He is passionate about reaching out to all, especially the downtrodden and hopeless, through his music ministrations with the guidance of the holy Spirit.

The song “No Man Knows” is reggae song with little hip hop flavor that will definitely blow your mind. If you need a word for your dark moment then listen to this sensational reggae gospel tone.

“Music saved an avalanche part of my life, I know it will save many more” ~ He says!

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No Man Knows Lyrics by Peak Nick.

**Verse 1**

Destiny may be delayed but not denied,
Temptation, affliction Will come but hey is just for a while,
The name of the Lord, is a strong tower,
And he that calls upon the name,
He shall stand tall,
Don’t be deceived, no man knows what u will be,
It’s personally, unless revealed by the word of prophecy, it’s certain


  You gonna get there,
Just keep ur dreams,
Swallow up ur fears,
U gonna make it,
Make it to the hill top,
It’s alright, is Ok.

Chorus: eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, no man knows the will of the Father for u, for me, for us.

**Verse 2**

Stick to the Lord, for he is d source,
There is no other way u fit to pass this course,
He is d way d truth and the life,
So brother look and open ur eyes,
For d Lord is my keeper, my shield and my everything,



**Verse 3**

It’s a good good thing to praise the Lord at all times, (eh eh eh eh)
Oh what a wonderful feeling to be loved by the king of kings, (oh oh oh oh)
So I go raise my hands and I go lift my voice and I will sing, I will sing



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