Where to Stream & Download Faith-based and Christian Movies

In the past few years of promoting the gospel of Christ via the sound of music and video, we have received so many questions on where to stream and download faith-based/Christian movies. So our team decided to come up with this short article to address those questions.

So much of the movie industry today glorifies sex and violence or focuses on the tragedies of life in ways that can seem hopeless. Christian movies always offer hope even in the most hopeless situation and bring out the positives of a situation rather than focusing on the negative.

Many movies focus on the concepts of good and evil, but mainstream movies often blur these concepts. Many times, it becomes difficult to determine the good from the evil in these movies, and evil actions are justified as being for the greater good, while good actions are shown to have evil consequences. Christian movies portray a clearer concept of good and evil, while still maintaining complex and entertaining storylines.

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  1. the lord bless this site in Jesus name

  2. You guys said free christian movies but even the few available are for sale.
    Why the contradiction.

  3. Everest Dominio Daimax

    Hi, I’m Everest Dominio Daimax. I will really love to enjoy me watching gospel movies on this site, I thanks.

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