Sifon Nyong – Ami Nyekom (I Will Praise) | Stream & Download Mp3 + Lyrics

Sifon Nyong – Ami Nyekom (I Will Praise) | Stream & Download Mp3.

Sifon Nyong - Ami Nyekom (I Will Praise)

Multi-talented Nigerian gospel minister, CEO AKYMC, music director, song writer, recording artist, motivational speaker, Sifon Nyong is back with yet another spirit-filled song, titled: “Ami Nyekom (I Will Praise)”.

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When asked about the song, he says;

“The song ‘Ami Nyekom’ was given to me by God five (5) years ago during my University days. It came during the times and moments life was so unbearable and i was almost torn apart. Life’s challenges squeezed me so severe that my studies in school became meaningless and home was *tiring* although i was still a ‘regular choir master/ music director in Church. During this difficult moment when i almost gave up on GOD, a voice spoke to me saying ‘the devil is trying to stop you from praising God’. Immediately i heard this, i said *’No way, i will always praise the LORD no matter what i may be passing through’. Then tears began rolling down my chin which triggered my singing of endless praises to GOD for all His many blessings upon my life and even thanked Him for putting me through those ugly situations. It was then the inspiration to compose a song in my dialect (Ibibio) with the title ‘Ami Nyekom’ which means ‘I Will Praise’ came. It wasn’t up to a week when the LORD turned around my captivity. His breakthrough came my way and opened a new phase of life for me. Things began working in my ‘favour with little or no stress. Then i realized the strength enveloped in praising God when one is in difficult situations. Please Download & share. You will surely have a testimony. God bless you!”

Ami Nyekom (I Will Praise) Lyrics by Sifon Nyong


Hallelujah ah ah
Yeah yeah yeah eah iya na na na na na na na na
Ami nyekom obong mmi o.

Aminyekom Obong mmi o
(I will praise my Lord o)

Aminyekom Obong mmi asua amama ye mi maha
Aminyekom obong mmi
Aminyekom obong mmi o.
(I will praise the Lord whether the enemy likes it or not).

**Verse 1**
Prayers can move mountains.
Prayers can change situations o
Whereas praise moves God (2X)

Praise is a mighty weapon
Praise is a mighty weapon o
That can break the unbreakable
And can change the unchangeable

I have made up my mind to praise the Lord o.
I have made up my mind to praise the Lord o.
To praise Him in the morning
To praise Him at noon.
To praise Him at all times
At all times, at all times.

**(Repeat Chorus)**

**Verse 2**

Asua akekere obo ke ami ndi dara ke
(The enemy thought i will not be happy)
ke ami ndikwo ikwo
(that i will not sing)
ke ami ndineke unek
(that i will not dance)
Ke ami ndisioho mkpo idara
(that i will not make a shout of Joy)
Edi Jehovah iyemmeke o
(But Jehovah didn’t accept to that).

The best time to honour His holy name.
The best time to praise the Lord
Is when you are in a difficult situation.

Amadi ami ye ofuri ufok mmi o
(as for me and my household)
Nnyin iya itoro Jehovah
(We will praise Jehovah)
Ke ofonde ye odiokde nnyin iya itoro Jehovah 2X
(Whether God or bad, we shall keep praising Jehovah)

I will not allow the stones to praise the Lord (2X)
I will arise and take my rightful place (2X)…
Repeat Chorus.



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