Sanni Releases “I Want More & “Far Away” Music Video

Sanni - I Want More (Official Video)

Sanni releases double mind-blowing music videos “I Want More” & “Far Away”. Sanni is an upcoming gospel artist from Fort Worth, Texas with a mission to spread the gospel through his walk with Christ.

Sanni’s music transcends through the hearts of believers and non-believers alike, to expose the light in desolate places. The Bronx native has created music for several years and has spent time writing and exploring his faith and how everyday circumstances influence his artistry. The multi-talented gospel artiste is set to release his debut album this month hoping to inspire and touch the lives of many.

The song “I Want More” is a soulful spin on Jesus’ Culture song, “Set a Fire.” Sanni did this as an expression of his faith and the hunger and thirst to seek outside of himself to accomplish the tasks that he was brought on Earth to complete. Hit the play button below to watch ‘I Want More’ visual.

While the song “Far Away” was more of a heart-check for him. His heart got hardened to the point in which it became difficult to worship God. His perspective changed to focus on the things of the flesh. He began feeling as though God was “Far Away” and not accessible. He came to the realization that being “Far Away” is an illusion from the enemy.


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