Omotayo Omotoye – You Reign (Ft. Praiz) | Stream & Download Mp3

Omotayo Omotoye – You Reign (Ft. Praiz) | Stream & Download Mp3.

Omotayo Omotoye - You Reign (Ft. Praiz)

Nigerian Lagos-based gospel artiste, singer, songwriter, recording artiste and worship leader with high passion for true worship, Omotayo Omotoye dished a brand new song, titled: “You Reign” featuring the amazing voices of “Praiz”.

Aside from music, Omotayo Omotoye is a Lawyer. He was inspired to sing this song as led by the Holy Spirit. He believes in true worship.

There’s really nothing more glorious than to know Christ reigns over our life, he reigns over this world, he reigns over the cosmos, over every creature and over every power in creation. So much of the Christian life is rediscovering and re-savoring the fundamental truth that everything hangs on Jesus.

He is always infinitely admirable in everything and over everything supreme, over all galaxies and endless reaches of space, over the earth from the top of Mount Everest 29,000 feet up to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, 36,000 feet down in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific rim. He is sovereign and supreme over all plants and animals from the peaceful blue whale to the microscopic killer viruses. He is supreme over all weather and all movements of the earth, hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, earthquakes, avalanches, floods, snow, rain, sleet. He is supreme over all chemical processes that heal or destroy, cancer, AIDS, malaria, flu and all the amazing grace of antibiotics and a thousand healing drugs that we do not deserve.

Omotayo Omotoye latest project ‘You Reign’ is a spirit-filled worship song that will tune you into an atmosphere of worship, as he offers deep worship in the song alongside ‘Praiz’.

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  1. Omotayo Adeiye Fitila

    Glory be to the name of the Lord, what an Holy Spirit filled song. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

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