PraisejamzTV: Onyinye – Many Years Ago (Live Recording)

Nigerian born International gospel singer, prolific songwriter, recording and performing artist with an angelic voice, Obiagboso Onyinye popularly know with the stage name “Onyinye” finally releases her much anticipated song titled “Many Years Ago”.

The chart-topper style of music has caught the attention of gospel music lovers both locally and internationally. The song “Many Years Ago” is a perfect song for this season.

We should beware of distancing ourselves from these words, of assuming that we are far removed from their relevance in our twenty-first-century world. Instead, we are beckoned to draw near, to hear the Savior say to us, again, through the description of his ancient pains, “Child of weakness, watch and pray. Find in me your all in all.”

Many years ago, Jesus has borne your grief. Your sorrows are the ones he carried. Your transgressions — all your sins — were the ones that pierced him, the ones for which he paid. For you. He was crushed, viciously slaughtered, for your iniquities. It was a slaughter you deserved — a punishment reserved for you — that he took upon himself, in your place, so that you get peace. By his wounds you have been healed.

Jesus has died, and he has died for you. The stain of sin that marred your life has now been washed white as snow. He has paid your debts. All of them. Jesus has paid it all. He has paid it all.

Her latest project “Many Years Ago” serves as a follow-up to her previous hit song “Never Leave Me Hanging”. “Many years ago you/ You loved us many years ago, you/ You freed us many years ago / The price it stung you too/ Yet many years ago, you/ Descended, many years ago, you/ Tamed your glory many years ago / For such a man like me/ You contained the darkness, many years ago for me” – In Her Lyrics!

Press play above to watch “Many Years Ago” live video. Stream and download the Audio and lyrics HERE!


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