[MUSIC] Godson Kay – Dangerous Days

[MUSIC] Godson Kay - Dangerous Days

Nigerian dynamic gospel minister, composer, songwriter and worship leader, Chukwukere Godson Kelecho also known as “Godson Kay” releases a brand new song titled “Dangerous Day”.

Godson Kay is a minister in ‘Christian Faith Church international’. He’s a voice from God to this generation. Godson has a lot of gospel piece to release but he is coming out first with this one he tagged “Dangerous Days.”

When asked about the song “Dangerous Day: Perilous Time” (Prophetic Chant”, Godson Kay pens down; “Dangerous Days is a song not composed but received straight from God, to console his children in this wicked world and perilous times.”

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Dangerous Days Lyrics by Godson Kay

In dangerous days oh
Perilous times
Jesus you shown that you’re my God…

In dangerous days oh
Perilous times
Jesus you’ve shown that you’re the lord.

When nations are crying
Where people are dying

Jesus you’ve shown that you’re the lord.. Eyi oh

In this dangerous days
Perilous times
Jesus you’ve proven that only you can save.

And as Moses lifted up a serpent in the wilderness, even so most the son of man be lifted.
And as many that believe him, and as many that receive him, they shall not die but they shall have eternal life.

In dangerous days oh
Perilous times
Oh Jesus you’ve shown to me that only you, only you shall save.

Praying (tongues)

Ijuru eligwe ju uwa, umu GI no na obakagi oh

When the whole world is shaking
And darkness is raging
But jesus we know we know that you’re still the lord.

Ole ndiahu na ebe akwa sina olileanya agwugo, Eze ebube abiago, o sigi gawa atula ujo.

Lekwendi lekwendia….


Your name is a strong tower, were we run into and we are safe.

Okwagi by Messiah mu …
Jesus,gbam ewusirike

Jesus UV shown that only can save.

A Sim okwagi by messiah mu
Ebe mgbaba m ewusirike

Jesus, Jesus only u shall save…


  1. I wasn’t blessed by this song. It is not edifying and the beats where rather too noisy. Please screen songs properly before they upload it.

  2. Listening to this song, lifts my spirit. Hallelujah!

  3. This is a song for the season….. I am really blessed and my spirit is lifted. Thank u Sir. Great song!!

  4. This song is so powerful, I want to share my testimony of this song.
    I was depressed almost at the verge of commiting suicide when a sister-friend from my facebook who keeps sharing the link and the short clips of the song caught my attention, I had to download the song and God spoke to me expressly through it and I began to see myself back to life again. A day does not pass without me not playing dangerous days. Hallelujah!!

  5. What a awesome album
    May God give you more grace and mercy to do more of it….

  6. Powerful lyrics. I pray for more inspiration, weldone sir

  7. Ezinwa Chiben

    I pray for more inspiration, God is ur strength

  8. This song is rubbish it does not worth downloading. The change should start with you and stop deceiving people that you are true Christian.

  9. This song is rubbish, it does not worth downloading. The change should start with you and stop deceiving people that you are real christian.

  10. You sang it under the influence and inspiration of the Indian hemps that you smoke. It was never sang under the spirit control of the Holy Spirit.

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