Kevi Morse Debuts New Single “Black Boy”

[MUSIC] Kevi Morse - Black Boy

A prolific songwriter and dynamic CCH artist, Kevi Morse shares his experiences in his new single “Black Boy.”

Kevi Morse latest effort “Black Boy” is errantly labelled as being “Explicit” but it is not. Lyrics are posted below.

Speaking about the song, Kevi Morse pens down; “I wrote ‘Black Boy’ from a place of encouragement. The song shines light on all the injustices and what it’s like to be a person of colour (POC). I hope this song helps the masses find hope and peace, while understanding we’re all equal.”

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“Black Boy” Lyrics by Kevi Morse

Dear black boy I see you on the tv ,
dont wanna tell me you dont look like me ,
but black & white is only skin deep and I wont let Histroy repeat.
Dear Black boy I see you on the street they wanna tell me your a danger to me
but I wont forget your the same as me
And the pain I feel is the pain that you receive.

Verse 1
land of the free home of the brave
my people die every day
You rather risk yo life for a chain
But won’t give up the streets for a change
Im a hater if I point it out
Im black man who took another route
But don’t mistake me for a lame
I see yo campaigns
Liquor stores in the hood
You put crack on us
Then start attackin us
Population control
You coming after us
Hold on my hands up
I can’t breath
can I stand up
Crazy how the world brand us
Excuse Mr black boy

Verse 2
Need yo identity before we get started
Hes a spy isn’t he get em put the party
Im a man faith
I learned to speak things till they manifest
I wish my dead homie wore vest
I wish family wouldn’t stress
My 9-5 got me close to death
They crucified the one from betleham
Im apart of him
It’s the Gospel that I’m soaking
This is not no pro black
This that I won’t go back
Cause I’m firm …
Ill die when it’s my turn
my purpose is outside all the churches
Tied of churching
I gave God my burdens


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