[MUSIC] Rinji Meshak Emmanuel – Your Presence

[MUSIC] Rinji Meshak Emmanuel - Your Presence

Nigerian gospel music minister, prolific songwriter, Rinji Meshak Emmanuel aka Mista Remz offers  up a brand new song titled “Your Presence”.

Rinji Meshak Emmanuel is a Kano based Music producer, sound engineer and gospel minister, who has been blessing lives for more than a decade. A music director at Church Of Christ In Nations (COCIN) Kano and a graduate of Mass communication from the prestigious Bayero University Kano. He bursts into the gospel music scene with this new sound ‘Your presence’.

Mista Remz is also music director at an interdenominational choir Psalms Of Praise Choir (POP) still in Kano and produced the award winning SONG OF THE YEAR 2018, ‘YOU ARE GOD’ By Maestro Emmanuel for RMAWARDS 2018 organized by Mayamaya Music international and other artists from Northern Nigeria including, T – Songs, Jesse Solomon, Ezekiel Andrew, Nehemiah Robert amongst others.

When asked about the song, Mista Remz reveals that; “The song was birthed out of prayer and hunger for God’s Presence In his word, this song should be the prayer of every believer. Ancient men like Moses and the psalmists understood the efficacy of dwelling within the confine of God’s Presence. And as believers, the presence of God is our greatest heritage. ‘God is omnipresent but doesn’t do business with men everywhere so this song refreshes the value we have for the Presence God through our secret place and also helps rekindle our love for God’s Presence for those who have traded it for lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. I pray that tangible encounters with the Presence will be your experience as you listen to this piece.”

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Your Presence Lyrics by Rinji Meshak Emmanuel 
(1Cor 1:27-29, Psalms 91:1-2)

Let no man glory in your presence
Let no being glory in your presence
Let no flesh glory in your presence
All the glory is yours
All the glory is yours
All the glory is yours

I will be here in your presence
Until I loose the sense of time
I will not leave your presence
Until I loose the sense of time

Oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

I will be here
I will be here
I will be here
Until you show up

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  1. This sound is timely, God bless you Mista Remz!!!

  2. As you listen to this piece may your scale new heights as deeper realms unfold to you in his presence.

  3. Rinji Meshak Emmanuel

    As you listen to this piece I pray that deeper realms unfold to you in his presence in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  4. I ascend to the realities of this sound.

  5. It was amazing mizta remz, you are bless

  6. Joseph Daniel

    This is so great, you are blessed mista Remz

  7. Patience Tela

    Wow! I’m blessed by this piece… More greese to your elbow Mista Remz, and grace to do exploit….

  8. Great Grace Brother

  9. Greater you sir

  10. I really love this. God bless you my brother

  11. This is super! May God reward your worship and service of praise with many blessings in Jesus Name.

  12. Finally.
    More Grace Sir Remz.

  13. Great one man of God. More Grace Sir

  14. I remembered the first time I heard you sing this song, I was literally asking someone pls wer can I get it from, av actually anticipated this. God bless u sir exceedingly

  15. I celebrate u so much my brother….

  16. I’m greatly bless by these song… may the song move as mechanical tool for revival. God bless you sir

  17. Finally…… More grace…

  18. More grace

  19. More oil sir

  20. Mehlon Rebecca

    More grace sir

  21. This is powerful. More Grace sir

  22. Faith Gabriel

    My God!!! This is heaven…..

  23. Let no man glory in your presence ‍♂️

  24. Samuel Gideon Stephen

    That was lovely Mista Remz. I pray for more grace from above on your life

  25. Pst. Dzarahuta Ezra

    Wow that’s awesome my producer, May the torrential rain of God’s blessings and anointing be poured upon you. And I pray that this song will bless millions of souls around the globe.

  26. Really blessed with this sir….
    Keep excelling as we anticipate more from you sir

  27. Light ufane Godson

    More grace man of God its wonderfll

  28. Doris .o. Eneche

    Celebrate you much Sir
    Greater Realms Minister Remz

  29. Doris .o. Eneche

    Oh my God I Love this song..
    I’m Truly blessed

  30. Wow am so blessed by dis song more grace sir

  31. God bless you sir Remz

  32. Greater heights and deeper realms

  33. Comment:wow am so blessed sir more grace

  34. Hannah folorunsho

    Comment:wow am so blessed sir more Grace

  35. Wowwwwwwwwwu…. Am so blessed

  36. More grace sir Remz
    Thanks for being a vessel used by God to bless men

  37. Wow, the song is spirit filled

  38. Kaiiia soul lifting song
    More grace to do exploit sir
    I celebrate God’s grace in your life

  39. Brother God bless you sir, more grace and anointing sir

  40. More Grace may God continue to use u greatly

  41. Awesome sir , more grace sir

  42. Grexrankingofficial

    Great heavenly sounds God is taking u higher Sir Remz

  43. More grace brother

  44. Spirit filled

  45. I just can’t stop listening

  46. Soundly… More grace sir

  47. What a beautiful song,God bless you Mr rems

  48. This sound is edifying….. More inspiration in Jesus name.

  49. Deeper and deeper sir

  50. Keep up the good work more blessings to you

  51. Great grace minister

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