KB Releases “His Glory Alone” Album

[ALBUM] KB - His Glory Alone

Chart-topping, award-winning Christian hip-hop artist KB has served up his fourth album titled “His Glory Alone,” a blazing personal statement on racial inequality, systemic subjugation, and faith in a time of hopelessness. His Glory Alone is available now on all digital music providers.

“I feel as though all of my past experiences, both as a musician and a messenger, have been pointing to this moment,” KB says. “I truly believe this album is my artistic culmination to date. Each song captures an essence of what I’ve been trying to achieve—both in the themes I address and the sounds that are expressed.”

The songs range from direct and unequivocal statements of faith as well as recounting the Black experience in America in eye-opening ways, peeling back on a horrific kind of inadequacy and hypocrisy levelled by society on its people. But while the world appears to burn, so does KB’s intense loyalty to faith, and to those that seem to have been left behind.

On “Dark Skin,” KB directly addresses the issues of colourism and its effects, discussing the unfortunate popularity of “skin bleaching cream,” and recounting a friend “trying to scrub the black off her skin.” “Masterpiece” features singing from KB to his daughter, asserting the fact that beauty and perfection exist far beyond the colour of one’s skin. Expertly produced trap beats mixed with a sterling rapid-fire flow are the standout sonics for His Glory Alone, established by the first two tracks “Armies” and “10K”—with both music videos receiving well over 1 million YouTube views each. Throughout the album, KB challenges the listener to think in the context of the events happening in our world, and how we can make the environments around us better.

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