[EP] Blessify – Grace (Songs For Kids)


[EP] Blessify – Grace (Songs For Kids)

Gospel music minister and prolific songwriter, Irene blessing also known as “Blessify” inspired with a brand new EP for kids titled “Grace,” she invite the next generation to experience worship and live in wonder of God. With lovely songs meant to get kids dancing and praising in every hour of the day, the high-energy worship is ready to kindle fire in a whole new audience.

When asked about what inspired the EP “Grace”, Blessify reveals that; “The passion to catch children young for Christ is what inspired the Ep (Catch them young). If you want to change the mind-set of a people, catch them young. If you want to lawfully enslave a people successfully, catch them young, If you intend to educate and re-orientate a people, catch them young. If you want to arrest and derail whole generations, catch them young. If you intend to permanently destroy HUMANKIND, simply catch them young!”

She continues, “What is the idea behind all of this strategy? Brainwashing the fresh and youthful mind is the greatest idea ever. The mind of the child is innocent in its entirety, developing daily, inquisitive , eager to receive new information for perusal and digestion, easily manipulated and susceptible to conviction especially by ‘great’ and gifted orators and philosophers. If Christ be not his Friend, he has no friend that can aid, protect and keep him from the snares of the devil.”

She concluded, “I love to partner with parents and teachers of young kids to teach children about the love of God and faith in God through songs. Proverbs 22:6 says; ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it'”.

This project is more than just a way for families to connect over something pure, more than a series of professionally choreographed dances, and it is even more than friendships growing stronger. In the creative depiction of children praising their Father; it is a glimpse of eternity. “Produced by E’key’s”.

See track-list, stream, download, enjoy and share below!

  • Graced & Favoured | Download Now
  • 9 Fruits | Download Now
  • P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E | Download Now
  • The Bible | Download Now

Sunday School Songs for kids are not just about entertainment. Their purpose should be to edify and plant that small seed of familiarity with God, the Bible, and characters in Scripture so that many years from now, that seed has fully grown into a deep-rooted anchor of faith. Something so simple as ‘Graced and Favored’, has a profound theological impact, not just on a 6-year old kid, but also on an adult.

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