[MUSIC] The Porter’s Gate – Lament Songs


[MUSIC] The Porter's Gate - Lament Songs

Integrity Music and The Porter’s Gate, a sacred ecumenical arts collective, release their third project, Lament Songs, today. It is available at all major downloading and streaming platforms. Artists featured on Lament Songs include Liz Vice, Jon Guerra, Matt Maher, Latifah Alattas, Paul Zach, Taylor Leonhardt, Greg Thompson, and iAmSon.

“While lament is always a vital practice in Christian worship, this year churches around the world have been lamenting and crying out to God around common experiences,” shares the band on social media. They continue, “this collection of lament songs is a small addition to the tradition of Christians bringing the brokenness of the world to God in prayer and song.”

“Wake Up Jesus”, one of the new tracks, is based on the story in Mark 4 when Jesus is with His disciples, asleep on the boat.

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