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Latest Christian & Gospel Worship Songs 2020

Worship Matters. Worship matters to God. Worship matters to you. Worship is a lifestyle. It’s the gathering of believers to practice our beliefs and celebration Him. Worship Is Celebrating Who God Is and What He Has Done. Singing is one of the ways in which we express our love towards God with our whole being. We engage every part of our being in worship of God.

Scripture commands us to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might” (Deuteronomy 6:5 NRSV). This verse emphasizes the entire body, not through outward actions but through devotion and love.

Worshipping through music changes and transforms us. It inclines our hearts to God in ways other firms can’t accomplish. Worship strengthens us, convicts us, builds us up, and even restores us. In other words, when we sing and devote our whole selves to God, something godly happens within us.

If you’re looking for a list of worship songs to download, this playlist will encourage you to trust God for healing, breakthrough, favour and more.

In the song “Something Has to Break”, Kierra Sheard and Tasha Cobbs Leonard offers deep worship to God with there powerful vocals. It’s definitely a song for the season. The song is the 7th track from Kierra’s latest album “KIERRA,” available now on all major digital outlets.

The song “Promises” was written by Joe L Barnes, Carrington Gaines, Keilla Alvarado, Lemuel Marin, Aaron Moses, and Dante Bowe during a Maverick City Music camp last year. The video was captured in Atlanta at 1971 Sounds during a live worship and recording night for Maverick City Music and features the Maverick City Music Choir along with many other Maverick City family and friends. You can stream “Promises” and the other songs from Maverick City Music exclusively on the TRIBL app.

[MUSIC] Jo-E - You Are Good

Speaking about the song, Jo-E pens down; “The song was birthed from a place of Koinonia (fellowship with God) and it will help you experience Gods goodness in a whole new dimension. I trust God that a new fire and love for God will be rekindled in you after listening to this piece.”

“I hope this song will touch people, especially during the pandemic and civil unrest across the nation,” Tamela says. “One part of the lyric goes, ‘Can you hear the voices of your people crying out?’ People are crying out for so many different things. They’re praying now more than ever. We need God’s touch. We need the Lord to send a cleansing. We need a refreshing. We need to know the Lord is with us.”

‘Opomulero’ which translates as ‘Pillar’ is a soul-lifting song coming from Frank Edwards’s forth-coming album titled “The Heart of King Edwards”.

Galberth taught “Lord, You Are Good” to the church worship team and they began to sing it on a regular basis. A YouTube video of one of the team performances introduced the song to other churches around the globe and it developed a life of its own. Gospel star, James Fortune, caught wind of his talent and began to work with him too. “Someone from my church knew him and connected me,” Galberth explains. Fortune recorded his tunes “The Curse is Broken,” featured me on another track entitled, “Forever,” and had him perform in his backing group.

Sammie Okposo’s effort “I Thirst For You” is a soul-stirring rendition that infuses Urban Pop/Rock elements into contemporary worship music, to birth a masterpiece for the place of personal or collective alters. The tone of the song does not in any way compromise its title. You can literally feel the thirst and hunger for God, in both Sammie Okposo’s voice and the background vocals. The mood of the simple, yet spectacular visual also support the thematic preoccupation.

Verse one says; “I see the King of Glory/ Coming on the clouds with fire/ The whole earth shakes, the whole earth shakes/ I see His love and mercy/ Washing over all our sin/ The people sing, the people sing”.

Verse one says; “We know you are Rewarder/ Of those who Diligently/ Seek your Face/ All Power is in your Hands/ With you, nothing is impossible to do.”

“There’s no sweeter sound than the sound of His voice,” shared Bowe shared via his YouTube Channel. He continued, “His voice is life. His voice is home. It’s the voice that holds all things together. It’s a constant in the midst of change and unknown. It’s comfort in the midst of heartache and hurting. It’s the voice that never stops speaking. All that’s required of us is to sit still and listen. Lean into it. Because the more you lean into it, the more you’ll know it.”

[MUSIC] John Golden - Apple of His Eyes

The song “Apple of his eyes” is a worship song, a soul-lifting song which reminds us of God’s love, promises and compassion towards us as the Apple of his eyes. The song moves in line with Zacharias 2:8, which reminds us that he has sent us to the nations of the earth and whoever touches us touches the apple of his eye.

“In 2 Chronicles 20, one of my favourite stories in the Bible, a huge army has amassed to come against the people of God,” Wickham explains. “Every time I sing ‘Battle Belongs,’ it pumps me up because we know that in anything we might face, our God is bigger. I hope this song reminds people that He is with us and for us. If we stand firm and hold our position, we will see the salvation of the Lord on our behalf!”

GUC’s latest effort “Knowing You” follows the release of “Yours”, which dropped in June of 2020, ahead of “The Bill,” a song which resonated with the resurrection season. There has been a hint that an album may be in the works. Considering the magnitude of releases, it is not far-fetched but we await further details as released by EeZee Conceptz Global.

The song “Alpha and Omega” was recorded live during one of his sessions with ‘All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta’ few months ago.

[MUSIC] Caleb David - Only Yeshua

Speaking about the song ‘Only Yeshua,’ Caleb David reveals that; “The Lordship of Jesus is incontestable. He rules in the affairs of men. The commander of the armies of heaven, the Lord of hosts leads his Church In triumph. In his wisdom he navigates everything according to the counsel of his will, bringing to pass His purposes, even with the very schemes orchestrated to thwart them.”

[MUSIC] Conqueror - You No Dey Fail

“You No Dey Fail” is a message of total dependence on God. When you sing or read the lyrical content of the song, you’ll notice you’ve successfully communicated your heart to him in Love and Trust. God’s Faithfulness is unending.

In the Camp household, it’s normal for Jeremy to turn to his guitar when he wants to feel connected to God, & for Adrienne to come alongside him with harmonies while he writes. After sharing one of these moments on Facebook, however, they realized that seven-million views later, God was doing something special.

“Make Him Proud of me/ Make Him Proud of me/ I’ll stop at nothing/ I’ll lay down/ Everything/ If it will make Jesus Proud” – In Her Lyrics!

The Worship Artist returns with the powerful mid-tempo worship song “Royalty,” a follow-up to the album’s breakout debut singles “Pour It Out” and “Release The Sound.” The melodic praise title song reminds listeners that God’s view of them has always been a vision of us as His children: “I am royalty/I am who You called me…. My Father is King/I believe I am Yours.”

[MUSIC] A.S. Henry - Yeshua El Olam (Ft. Emmanuel Oloruntoba)Speaking about the song, A.S. Henry pens down; “Burdened with the salvation of souls and the revival of the church i seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Godhead via the technologies of sound. Minister Emmanuel Oloruntoba, a minstrel per excellence lent his glorious voice to the actualization of this dream. It is my prayer that as we listen to this extension of the throne of God, we reach towards eternity one sound at a time.”

Speaking about the song, Winans reveals that; “The message of this song is so powerful. With so much going on in the world, the prayer for ‘Never Lost’ is to encourage and remind us that God is undefeated! Let’s continue to trust in Him like never before!”

The Explicit Gospel Crew’s latest effort “God of the Universe” is a spirit-filled and powerful worship piece which exalts the name of God Almighty, proclaiming Him as the God of the universe, beginning and the end.

[MUSIC] Lucy Matthew - Free From Sin

The song “Free From Sin” is a soul-lifting song cooked fresh from the kitchen of heaven. It’s unlikely for you not to get connected to the throne of heaven, right from the beginning of the song.

The self-produced song “In Spite Of All” is a song that has been tagged as the Church’s Anthem, especially in these trying times. After its first release three years ago, known as a short, inspiring, powerful piece with an abrupt end, it now has verses two and a bit longer. This is not just a song, it is a Declaration of our Beliefs and our Faith.


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