Chidinma Releases “Jehovah Overdo”

[MUSIC] Chidinma - Jehovah Overdo

Nigerian exquisite singer and prolific songwriter, Chidinma Ekile makes a switch in her music subject matter to concentrate on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the release of this power-packed song titled “Jehovah Overdo”.

The song “Jehovah Overdo” is a mellow groovy song of praise that testifies to God’s great works in our lives. The song is written & inspired by the Holy spirit and personal life experiences; it is hence sung with befitting passion. The song was released alongside a colourful visual, available now for streaming on YouTube!

Chidinma had taken a break from music and the public eye, leaving a hint on her Instagram page that she will no longer be dancing around the same themes of her previous hits like “Kedike”, and “Jakoliko”, “Emi Ni Baller” and more. Unknown to many, she has been undergoing a period of actively waiting on God and preparation for what is ahead.

The crossover for Chidinma is not far-fetched as she has always had a pivotal role in the Church’s music ministry. She has been in the Church Choir from a young age and has been serving as a music director for many years now.

The Kingdom of God is rejoicing as Chidinma Ekile crosses over to Gospel music.

Press play below to stream the video via YouTube!

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  1. I’m so excited for her come back

  2. Jesus loves you and He is very happy to have you back. We love you Mummy G.O

  3. Her smiles is heavenly. Her vocals. She has everything to win the Grammy in the gospel niche

  4. This is amazing

  5. I’m already anticipating more turnaround from secular to gospel.

  6. Blessed. The Lord is by your side dear.

  7. On repeat. Jesus loves you dearly

  8. She is just galant. Fine face, fine smiles, fine voice. You will do well in the gospel music industry

  9. More grace Chi baby. You’re welcome back. I’m have always known.

  10. This is lovely

  11. We love you dear. You’re welcome back

  12. Lekelarge Raisedstone

    Welcome back . Jesus is the key !

  13. Thank God the lost is found. Keep on doing great things in God’s vineyard. And I pray for all lost gospel singers in the world to come back home in Jesus name.

  14. I love u

  15. I was just introduced to this blog and I am overjoyed to finally be among my tribesfolk, the music wonderkind!!!!!!

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