[MUSIC] David & Tiffany Spencer – Give Me Christ

David & Tiffany Spencer - Give Me Christ

Fresh off the success of their chart-topping single “We Are One,” David & Tiffany Spencer is finishing the year with a release in time for the holiday season, titled “Give Me Christ,” available now for streaming and downloading. Give Me Christ is a gentle reminder to keep Christ as the focus this year.

“I remember when companies were encouraging everyone to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas out of the fear of offending someone,” David Said. Excluding Christ is not an option for him, prompting him to pen this song.

David and Tiffany Spencer share an extraordinary bond in life. Not only are they happily married, but they also have cohesion in creating and performing great music. Their unique blend is bright, warm and always conveys a message in line with their Christian values. Their love for God and each other is always reflected in their music.

“I love the lights, gifts, and all the holiday cheer, but nothing compares to the gift Jesus gave the world,” Tiffany Said. “If I don’t have anything under the tree this year, just Give Me Christ.”

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