Hulvey Releases New Album “COMA”

Hulvey - COMA

CHH artiste and rapper, Hulvey drops a brand new album titled “COMA,” available now for streaming and downloading.

“Behold the morning light, The Son has arrived” are lyrics on the title track of Hulvey’s new album, COMA. The intro song tells the story of a man who has drifted out into the ocean and falls into a deep sleep, a coma. He is literally in the midst of peril, darkness, and is jarred awake finding himself on the shore. Confused, he realizes he’s awake, but he doesn’t know how he got there. “That’s the story for most believers,” shares Hulvey. “Sometimes we fall asleep on our faith, drift away so far from God that when we eventually realize, we don’t know where we are or how we got there.”

Hulvey describes COMA as “re-awakening, a moment of full self-awareness when you come to realize God is the one who can wake you up.”

Stream/Download Mp3 Via All Digital Platforms, CLICK HERE!

See the track-list and listen via Apple Music below!

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