Tye Tribbett Releases “New” Music Video

Tye Tribbett - New

Two-time Grammy-, Soul Train Music-, Stellar-, and Dove Award-winning, Tye Tribbett has given a visual treatment to his previously released and well-accepted song “New”. Available now for streaming below!

The musical powerhouse is one of the most relevant voices of our generation. His music cannot be classified as one genre, but his unique, abstract way encompasses all.

Tribbett’s latest song “New” is a testament to Tribbett’s ability to stretch the bounds of his musical identity beyond the genres and styles that so closely define his roots as a creator. This track instantly grabs with the entrance of monastic, chanting vocals, giving off that feeling of communal acceptance you experience when standing at the centre of an overwhelmingly excited crowd.

Press play below to stream via YouTube!


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