Dunsin Oyekan on His Generation, “The Goal Isn’t to Just Release Songs”

Dunsin Oyekan 'I'll Never Stop (You Alone)' Mp3 Download

Each generation has memories, stories and values it wants to pass along to the next generation; this especially includes the spiritual values of our faith. We cannot assume past faithfulness will continue or that future generations will be aware of the great historical legacy available to them by just releasing songs.

Nigerian Abuja-based gospel music minister and worship trailblazer, Dunsin Oyekan took to his social media platforms to speak about his generation, “The goal isn’t to just release songs,” he said. “The goal is to show my generation a side of God we scarcely see!”.

Music has long been an effective way to communicate to the masses, and lyrics have played a massive role in delivering this communication. The power, energy, and message of the gospel music piece create a “whole human” experience, touching mind, body, soul, and social cause.

The “Roar” crooner and convener/founder of the ‘Code Red Worship Concert’ went on to conclude by urging everyone to pray for him and his fellow ministers of the gospel, “Pray for Us… Until the whole earth is flooded with the knowledge of the Glory of God. Agenda must agend,” he said.

Dunsin Oyekan’s latest album “The Glory Experience (Songs of Zion)” is still available for streaming and downloading via all major digital outlets worldwide. The album includes his previously well-accepted songs; ‘At all Cost‘, and ‘Those Who Will Win’. Speaking about the album, Dunsin Oyekan pens down; “The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea!”


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  1. I believe you man,I can see that in your passion.

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