“It is Not Everything You Share in Public or Let Out” – Nathaniel Bassey Shares Inspiring Message

Nathaniel Bassey Shares Inspiring Message

In today’s day and age, it’s easier to share our everyday lives with our friends and the public. We share every aspect of our lives, even though we don’t need to do that every second of every day. And with the rise of all sorts of social media, a lot of us have gradually turned into sharing machines.

Award-winning singer/songwriter and worship leader, Nathaniel Bassey took to his social media platform to share an inspiring message on ‘Unwarranted Battles’ – where he also speaks about the importance of waiting for the right time when God is working behind the scenes. “It is not everything you share in public or let out. Some things should be kept secret until it’s time. If God is working behind the scenes, wait till It’s ready,” he said.

Bassey, a world-renowned gospel artist, who is known for his musical talents and trumpet playing reveals that “In life, there are battles we must face. Exams we must pass to attain new levels. However, there are battles that are needless and pointless. And the more we engage in unwarranted battles, the more we expend energy and time for the warranted ones.”

It is not everything you share in public or let out

“One way we accumulated for ourselves unwarranted battles it by talking too much, sharing certain information we shouldn’t before time,” said Bassey. “It may be argued that Joseph had to tell his dreams to his brother to necessitate the process He went through en route to the palace. But what if he didn’t have to share his dreams? And Could still have gotten to the palace some other way. Well, that study and argument are for another day.

Known for his songs “Imela” and “Onise Iyanu,” Bassey went on to conclude his advice on this, “If God is working behind the scenes, wait till It’s ready. And even when it’s ready, May we have spiritual intelligence to know when and how to share it. And when it’s time, share it to the Glory of God, Giving Him the glory. Because the one who takes the glory flight the battles.”

Last month (July 2022) Nathaniel Bassey lead a spirit-filled concert described as London’s most iconic night of worship “Thy Kingdom Come UK”, featuring Victoria Orenze and Dunsin Oyekan, which took place at the OVO Arena Wembley and saw over 10,000 thousand people gather for an amazing night of worship with three ministerial giants.


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