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DD Junior Alpha

Divine Etama Elumba, popularly known as ‘DD Junior Alpha’ is a Cameroonian-born gospel artiste, producer, prolific songwriter, studio engineer, and music executive.

DD Junior Alpha is the founder and creative director of Legit Productions, an outstanding music production imprint. He is a very dedicated and talented young man with an extraordinary zeal for kingdom growth and expansion. He’s a philanthropist, one of those gospel singers who don’t see the gospel music ministry to be just singing. But reaching out to the poor the needy, and to those that need support through everything that God has blessed with.

Early Life

DD Junior Alpha was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Elumba on the 10th Of October 1997. He is a Cameroonian by birth and was raised in the South West Region.

He comes from a Christian household and was brought up in the same faith. So, from an early age, he began to attend church regularly and this helped foster his love for God. His lineage is traditionally known to be ministers of the gospel, serving as pastors, choir leaders, and elders in the church.

DD Junior Alpha is the first child of a family of five. Before his birth, the Elumbas had birthed a son but he passed away after a few years. After the death of his older brother, it took a while before Divine was conceived. So, he is considered to be an answer to his parent’s prayers.

Growing up, Junior noticed that the elders in his family loved gospel music but they couldn’t play any musical instruments. And that most of the instrumentalists that were invited to perform at church events, often charged exorbitant prices for their services.

To solve this problem, Junior took interest in learning how to play different instruments, and in no time, he became a very good instrumentalist. Besides ministering in his local church, DD Junior Alpha was often invited to perform at weddings, birthday parties, crusades, and other events held in his region. Thus, he became a popular face in the entertainment community of the South West region of Cameroon.


DD Junior Alpha got to experience quality education whilst living in Cameroon. He schooled at top institutions in the South West region for his elementary, secondary, and tertiary education.

DD Junior Alpha is a graduate of Transport and Logistics. He is also a certified Digital Marketer, bagging an OTHM diploma UK certified. He bags also a Degree in transport and logistics, with Diploma in Music Theory.


Despite his success as a professional instrumentalist, DD Junior Alpha never thought of pursuing a singing career, even though he was gifted with an amazing voice. Music is something that has always inspired him since his childhood which is why he grew up to become a musician, where his talent for songwriting and composition also flourished. On top of that. becoming a worship leader has impacted the musical style he is composing and singing.

Hence the gospel genre is the perfect fit for the artist and his comfort with his faith and  Christianity can be seen in the musical pieces in his EP  “Original Me”.  “Original Me” is a  beautifully crafted and composed EP that is not only passionate to hear but will give the audience a cinematic experience.


DD Junior Alpha has released several power-packed songs in the past, such as; Nwenyoh, Holy, Nginya,, Lead Me Through, Njomi (Thank You),, Dependable God, Favour, IF, Eringo (Love), among others. The prolific gospel artiste is


With an aim for Kingdom Advancement, DD Junior Alpha has gained praise and recognition for his craft which he has won and has been nominated for several awards. This includes winning Best Gospel Artist of the year 2021 with his hit song My “Ebenezer ‘ and ranking in the list of Best Gospel Artists in 2022.

Personal Life

DD Junior Alpha is in his mid-twenties, born on the 10th Of October. The singer is currently based in the Middle East, having migrated to Dubia, some years back. He is ever-focused on his gospel music career and is constantly pursuing the mission of blessing lives with Godly songs.

DD Junior Alpha is a trained Transport & Logistics expert. He is also a certified Digital Marketer and offers his services to both small brands and big corporations across the globe. He is also the Founder and CEO of Legit Productions. An excellent sound engineer, he helps artists with the sound production of their songs.


Connect with DD Junior Alpha on, Facebook: DD Junior Alpha, Instagram: @dd_junior_alpha. All digital platforms: DD Junior Alpha. YouTube Channel: DD Junior Alpha.


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