Passion Releases ‘I’ve Witnessed It’ Mp3 Download

Passion Releases 'I’ve Witnessed It' Mp3 Download

Passion has released their newest song titled “I’ve Witnessed It”. Available now for streaming and downloading.

For more than two decades, Passion has continued to unite students in worship, prayer, and justice, gathering a generation ignited by the fame and renown of Jesus. Led by Passion’s Melodie Malone, the song connected immediately with more than 30,000 students in attendance across two events over the New Year holiday.

“We don’t often use the word ‘witness’ in our everyday vernacular, and it is my hope that we reinstate a bit of the meaning it carries in this song,” shares Passion’s Melodie Malone. “Eugene Peterson says ‘a witness is never the center but only the person who points to or names what is going on at the center…’ If that is true then not only are we all witnesses but it’s why we were created — to give praise and honor and glory to the only one worthy of all of it, Jesus Christ.”

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