Kel Mitchell ‘Go Time’ Music Video

Kel Mitchell 'Go Time' Music Video

Multi-talented actor, producer, comedian, pastor, author, and Christian hip-hop artistm, Kel Mitchell has given a visual treatment to his new single “Go Time”. Available now for streaming on YouTube.

The song “Go Time” by Kel Mitchell is an upbeat and inspirational hip-hop track and anthem for positive self-talk. “‘Go Time’’ is a daily reminder to use your faith and move when God says move!,” says Kel Mitchell. “God views our life from eternity! God is timeless. Each win you are about to receive has already happened in Heaven, ‘cause they know about it. God is just waiting on you to do it. So get moving! ‘Cause It’s already done, and He is going to be with you every step of the way! “Go Time” will be your favorite new addition to your gym playlist, and I can’t wait for everyone to level up to it.”

Press play below to stream via YouTube!


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