Michael Oyetunji ‘Oranmonise Fayati (The God Who Sends and Defends)’ Lyrics Video

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Nigerian gospel music minister and prolific songwriter, Michael Oyetunji shares a spirit-filled lyrics video, titled “Oranmonise Fayati,’ which means “The God Who Sends and Defends” in the Nigerian native language (Yoruba). Available now for streaming on YouTube!

“Oranmonise Fayati (The God Who Sends and Defends) is a sound from Zion,” said Michael Oyetunji. “It came at a trying time in my life, when I and my wife lost our unborn son, whom we have waited for years after my first child. This was a child that God had already given us his name, told us of his gender, and then cut short without any warning or trace of suspicion. I knew something was lurking somewhere, and immediately I did what the devil didn’t want me to do, that was – falling down in absolute worship of my God like Job did. We were in the hospital, and instead of crying for our lost baby, we were worshipping God. I was scheduled to preach in a church that Sunday, and this happened on a Friday. My pastors tried to talk me out of it, but instead of being consoled, I was there preaching faith to the people.”

Michael continues, “There and then, I knew God was up to something, and a few days later, the first line dropped, and the whole lyrics followed. The final sound came in a worship meeting. God personally told me that He is going to use that song to heal broken hearts, encourage weary souls, and uphold the strong. The scriptural backing of the song is drawn from Psalm 20:7, some trust in chariots and horses, but we will remember the name of our Lord our God.”

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About Michael Oyetunji

As the last son of a family of six children, Michael was born in Borno State, Nigeria to the family of Simeon Oyetunji, a choir conductor, itinerant Evangelist, and Pastor in The Christian Brethren Church, Nigeria. He grew up in Ibadan under the watchful eyes of his dedicated parents and older siblings, who served in various capacities in the local assembly. Between his toddler stage and teenage, Michael has become a grounded music enthusiast, following the footsteps of his choir-master father and eldest sibling who played multiple musical instruments.

At age 9, he had started playing the drum set and keyboard to a reasonable point, while taking up the responsibility of heading the church music team as a teenager and writing songs. His most notable one is ‘Baba Ese (Father thank you), popularly sung across the body of Christ in Nigeria.

Michael’s passion for arts and creativity saw him take a leap from sciences to arts, studying Theatre Arts, Linguistics, and Media Arts at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. He signed off into dedicating his life to the gospel as an adolescent, accompanying his father and other ministers on gospel mission trips locally and internationally, where he ministers in songs and instrumentations. Since then, he has displayed an unwavering drive towards preaching the gospel in music and word ministration.

An unapologetic worshipper with a prophetic unction, Michael is graced with the gifts of the word of knowledge and faith which has birthed the outstanding display of the miraculous during ministrations. He is an unassuming personality, but a man of fervent prayers, with a deep and insightful dive into scriptures, from where he draws the many inspirations from which he releases sounds as a fragrance to God. He fondly says that he gets his lyrics when God speaks to him beside his ears, drops precise scripture references, and then accompanies it with a sound.

For years as a deacon, Michael headed The Christian Brethren Worship Team (TCBC, Abuja), and started the yearly Declare Concert (an interdenominational Praise/Worship Meeting). Currently, he is the convener of Sweet Fragrance, an online spontaneous worship, word, and prayer forum that has blessed the body of Christ tremendously. He has since released two songs into the airspace; Oranmonise Fayati – The God who Sends and Defends (2022), and Overflow (2023). Since 2013, Michael has been happily married to Oluwatoyin, and their union is blessed with a beautiful daughter, Kamsi, with whom they serve God in their local assembly in Leeds, United Kingdom.

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    The God who sends and defends. Halleujah!

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