Changing the World: Real Vision Benefits Others – Insights from Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Changing the World Real Vision Benefits Others - Insights from Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Paul Adefarasin, the founder and senior pastor of House On The Rock Church, has shared a powerful message on social media about the importance of having a real vision that benefits others. In a post on his official Instagram account, the renowned pastor stated that it is not enough to have a personal vision, but the vision must be geared towards impacting the lives of others.

Adefarasin further emphasized that a real vision that benefits others is one that goes beyond personal gains and ambitions but seeks to make the world a better place for all. He encouraged his followers to strive to create a positive impact in their communities and beyond. “Real vision is not selfish ambition. It benefits others and without it, the people perish,” he said. “It gives a picture of the future communicated by God and allows you to see beyond what others can see. The vision is for an appointed time, write it down and make it plain so that anyone who reads it can run with it. A window will open very soon, be ready, seize the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity and you will not miss your appointed time! Amen.”

The pastor’s message has been highly received by his followers, who have expressed their appreciation for the timely reminder to live a life that is focused on making a difference in the world. Many have also shared their personal stories of how they have been able to impact others by adopting a selfless approach to life.

Paul Adefarasin is known for his inspirational messages and teachings, which have touched the lives of millions around the world. He is also a respected author, conference speaker, and philanthropist, who runs several outreach programs through House On The Rock Church, aimed at improving the lives of people in need.

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