Kayla Bailey Unlocks New Single ‘Closer’

Kayla Bailey 'Closer' Mp3 Download

Christian singer-songwriter, Kayla Bailey has released a brand new single titled “Closer”. Available now for streaming and downloading. “Closer” is a powerful anthem of yearning and surrender, expressing the desire to draw closer to God and experience His presence in a deeper way.

Kayla Bailey, known for her soulful and inspirational music, has captivated audiences with her heartfelt melodies and powerful vocals. The song “Closer” is coming from her upcoming album “Wasteland”. The album is a reflection of her personal journey through challenging times and God’s unwavering guidance.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Closer,” Kayla Bailey shares, “It’s a song about yearning to be closer to God, asking Him to use the droughts of life to pull us nearer to Him. In a world filled with casual attitudes and routine traditions, ‘Closer’ is a prayer and proclamation to break down barriers and draw near to the Father.”

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