Nathaniel Bassey Speaks On The Best Way To Go About Doing Cover Songs

Nathaniel Bassey Shares Inspiring Message

Award-winning singer/songwriter and renowned worship leader, Nathaniel Bassey shares a very important message on ways to go about doing cover songs. The popular Nigerian gospel minister has been a blessing to the body of Christ; with his amazing sound/spirit-filled songs, and music teachings, among many others.

Taking to his social media, Nathaniel Bassey posted an art with text which read “COVER SONGS (PART 1)”, and on another post, “COVER SONGS (PART 2)”. “Disclaimer: This article is meant to educate and share knowledge. It is not meant to call out & drag anyone or be vindictive. Shalom,” said Nathaniel Bassey.

In the first post tagged “COVER SONGS (PART 1)”, Nathaniel Bassey shares, “As a music minister, there is nothing wrong in singing and recording songs written, recorded, or previously performed by others. In fact, it is one of the ways that songs gain flight and spread. “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” – Psalm 68:11.”

“A case in point is WAY MAKER by our dear Minister, SINACH which has since been recorded and sung by countless people and groups around the world, making it a global anthem,” said Nathaniel Bassey. “However, what is wrong is blatantly, brazenly, and openly saying “The Holy Spirit” gave you a song that was previously publicly performed by someone else.” That is not right. .”

“I know sometimes Melodies and lyrics may sound similar. But that the song in question becomes EXACT in melody, rhythm, and lyrics without any difference and ambiguity whatsoever, and then lay claim to it as an original, inspired by GOD, is to err. God is not an author or confusion,” he added!

“This already raises a credibility issue for your ministry. Remember that worship must be done in TRUTH. And if people struggle to believe you, they’d struggle to receive your ministry,” he concluded in PART 1 of the important message.

In the second post tagged “COVER SONGS (PART 2)”, Nathaniel Bassey peaks on the ways to go about doing covers of songs previously done by others.

“Like I said, there’s nothing wrong in doing cover of songs previously done by others. It actually is fulfilling when we hear songs sung and redone by others,” said Nathaniel Bassey. “However, I know that due to our poor record keeping & music administration culture on the side of the world, very many songs exist more in the public domain sphere. That is, original writers and/ or performers may be unknown. So, if you have tried to source a writer of a song intended for a cover without success, it is safer to tag it as a PUBLIC DOMAIN SONG pending the time a genuine claim energies for the song. And then you accord the rights, credits, and privileges to the song.”

He continues, “There are administrative ways via publishing that this could be handled, and it is mutually satisfactory to both parties. These things are available online. See sites like EASYSONGS, SOUND EXCHANGE, Some distribution platforms also have publishing services as part of their packages. Tunecore etc.”

‘I hope this helps . May the Lord give us wisdom and purify our hearts as we sing His praises in JESUS’ name.
God bless us all. I come in peace and speak in love. Shalom,” Said Nathaniel Bassey

The Olowogbogboro crooner also announces that they are planning on a “Music Submit”. “ALSO, WATCH OUT FOR A MUSIC SUMMIT WE ARE PLANNING TO HAPPEN SHORTLY. These things would be discussed,” Said Nathaniel Bassey.

Nathaniel’s newest album “Hallelujah Live”, released two months ago is still available and blessing lives around the world.  The 16-track album which was recorded live in Lagos featured guest appearances from renowned worship leaders and ministers such as William McDowell, Sinach, Mercy Chinwo, and Victoria Orenze


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