Robin Sidney ‘Nobody But You Lord’ Mp3 Download

Robin Sidney - Nobody But You Lord

Singer and songwriter, Robin Sidney has released a brand new single titled “Nobody But You Lord”. Available now for streaming and downloading.

Robin Sidney hails from the great southern parts of Texas. With her anointed sultry undertones as a natural Alto, Sidney credits her upbringing with being raised in the church. In her primary years, she began singing in the choir as a little girl with influences from her Mother, Grandmother, and her family group comprised of her mother and aunts commonly known back home as the “Woodard Sisters.”

The singer continues to sing around the Gulf Coast/Houston areas expressing her love of God through Christ Jesus and celebrating. Surviving the historic flood, Hurricane Harvey is when the song was birth. Sidney started to pen the song shortly after her home was spared from the devastating waters.

“So many people did not make it through the flood, but God kept us, with no damage to our home,” stated Sidney. She let the beginning stages of the song sit in her closet for years and was suggested by her producer, Brandon Hutchins, to pick it up again and finish the song. Sidney did that and had a great team of writers, Andrew Collins and Jerard Woods, to assist her in finishing lyrics.

Press play below to stream via YouTube!



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