Dunsin Oyekan Announces New Songs, Feat. Theophilus Sunday and Nathaniel Bassey: ‘Ogo’ Coming Soon

Dunsin Oyekan Announces New Songs, Feat. Theophilus Sunday and Nathaniel Bassey: ‘Ogo’ Coming Soon

Renowned gospel artist Dunsin Oyekan took to his Instagram platform to share an exhilarating revelation with his fans and followers – the forthcoming release of powerful new songs. In an awe-inspiring post, the singer-songwriter recounted his divine mandate to capture some of his profound encounters with the Lord through music. Notably, the upcoming songs feature two celebrated gospel ministers, Theophilus Sunday and Nathaniel Bassey, making this announcement a momentous occasion for the worship community.

With a heart tuned to the heavens, Dunsin Oyekan revealed that he received a clear directive from the Lord to swiftly document his divine encounters in the form of heavenly sounds. Embracing this divine assignment with fervor, he sought the anointing of two esteemed gospel ministers, Theophilus Sunday and Nathaniel Bassey, to bring to life the sacred melodies and worship that had resonated within him.

As the recording sessions for the songs commenced, a profound spiritual manifestation occurred. Dunsin Oyekan sensed the opening of a celestial portal, and an intense alignment in the spirit engulfed the atmosphere. In this extraordinary moment, the Lord Himself began to sing over the assembly, bestowing a heavenly melody that swept over the hearts of all present.

In a reciprocal outpouring of devotion, Dunsin Oyekan and the talented vocalists of the Upper Room gang responded in worship, singing back to the Lord with an overflow of reverence and adoration. The recording studio became a sacred sanctuary where earthly harmonies converged with divine frequencies, resulting in an ethereal symphony unlike anything experienced before.

The impact of this divine encounter was so profound that Dunsin Oyekan felt compelled to take a significant step. He invited Theophilus Sunday, a minister renowned for his anointed worship, to join them on stage and participate in the recording process. Recognizing the power of Theophilus’s anointing, he featured him on two of the songs, believing that this collaboration would carry the heavenly sound to touch the nations and ignite hearts in worship.

Additionally, the gospel maestro partnered with Nathaniel Bassey on one of the songs, a highly anticipated collaboration that is expected to be nothing short of spectacular. Combining their unique vocal talents and shared passion for worship, Dunsin Oyekan and Nathaniel Bassey are set to deliver a soul-stirring experience that will resound in the hearts of believers worldwide.

Among the three songs in this divine trilogy, Dunsin Oyekan revealed the title of one track: “Ogo,” which translates to “Glory.” The announcement of this powerful title has already stirred anticipation and excitement among fans and worshippers, who eagerly await the official release.

Dunsin Oyekan’s Instagram post garnered a flood of responses from his dedicated followers, expressing gratitude for the artist’s obedience to God’s call and sharing their eagerness to embrace this heavenly outpouring of worship.

As the release date draws near, the gospel community and music enthusiasts alike are counting down the days until they can immerse themselves in the worshipful essence of these three transformative songs, destined to uplift, inspire, and usher listeners into an intimate encounter with the divine.

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