Nathaniel Bassey & Dunsin Oyekan Soar High in Kingdom Partnership: ‘Iba’ Video Coming Soon

Nathaniel Bassey & Dunsin Oyekan Soar High in Kingdom Partnership: 'Iba' Video Coming Soon

Renowned gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey recently took to social media to share an exhilarating update with his fans and followers. In a post on Instagram, Nathaniel tagged fellow gospel artist Dunsin Oyekan, expressing his excitement about their collaboration on the highly anticipated music video for the song “Iba.”

Accompanied by a captivating photo, Nathaniel Bassey’s post featured himself and Dunsin Oyekan. The image showcased the two artists donned in traditional Nigerian attire, with Nathaniel specifically highlighting the impressive Agbada (a flowing robe) that he wore during the recording session.

In his Instagram caption, Nathaniel joyfully exclaimed, “Moi & The Eagle @dunsinoyekan. Even the Agbada can’t stop Him from soaring. Kingdom partnership. Together flying YESHUA’s flag high”. These words beautifully conveyed the spiritual harmony and shared commitment to spreading the message of faith and worship that Nathaniel and Dunsin possess.

“Iba” is a previously released song by Nathaniel Bassey, featuring the powerful collaborations of Dunsin Oyekan and Dasola Akinbule. This upcoming music video offers a visual representation of their united dedication to uplifting listeners through music that glorifies God.

Nathaniel Bassey & Dunsin Oyekan

Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram post elicited an outpouring of excitement among his devoted followers. The comments section quickly filled up with words of encouragement, support, and eager anticipation for the release of the “Iba” video.

The decision to tag Dunsin Oyekan in his post reveals the deep connection and mutual respect between Nathaniel and Dunsin, speaking to their shared passion for music and faith. This collaboration symbolizes a sacred kingdom partnership as they join forces to advance the cause of spreading the gospel through their exceptional musical abilities.

The release of the “Iba” video is highly anticipated by fans of Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan. The combination of their artistry promises an extraordinary musical masterpiece that will touch the hearts of many and encourage powerful moments of worship.

With the support of their enthusiastic fanbases, Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan are poised to create an impactful visual experience with the upcoming “Iba” music video. The synergy and harmony between these two incredible gospel artists will undoubtedly create an awe-inspiring and spiritually uplifting production that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Stay tuned for the release of the “Iba” video as Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan unite their voices, talents, and hearts to soar high in their kingdom partnership, boldly proclaiming the name of Yeshua and carrying His flag of love and faith through music.

Author: Elijah Joseph Omu of Praisejamzblog.

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